Act III - Escape from Old Korvosa

Chapter III of our tale is governed by the suit of Books. This suit represents thought, knowledge, and understanding.

“The Choosing”
The Harrowing

At the stage of the Choosing, you each received a card of the Harrow:

1. Morkeleb. . .The Hudden Truth
symbolizes the ability to see past the obvious and the banal to a greater truth within. Sometimes this discovery is an esoteric one, sometimes it is a literal find, such as an item revealed within a room. Regardless, it is a card with the power to reveal secrets.

2. Sandor. . .The Rakshasa
is the card of dominance and mind control. The creature sitting serenely upon the back of the slave indicates an exterior force imposing itself upon another being’s mind. On occasion, the slavery is literal, but more often it is mental enslavement to a force or idea.

3. Gaius. . .The Vision
represents arcane knowledge. Such knowledge can take the form of madness or cryptic words. This card often means an encounter with a crazy person, but it can also signify a brush with genius.

4. Grym. . .The Inquisitor
accepts nothing save the truth. He represents immutable reality, that which cannot be fooled or swayed in any way. To attempt to go against this unchangeable object, person, or idea is to court disaster.

5. Ferox. . .The Wanderer
is a collector. This centaur appreciates that which others regard as junk or trash. The Wanderer appears to those clever enough to find the true worth in something others ignore or treat as worthless.

6. Odric. . .The Joke
shows a terror that must be overcome-but not by physical means. This monster can only be defeated by trickery or artifice. This card can represent the value of humor in finding the way past a difficult person or task.

Displayed before her were 9 cards:

The Survivor The Sickness The Tangled Briar
The Juggler The Queen Mother The Mute Hag
The Publican The Hidden Truth The Marriage

We look into the past. No longer is it the past of your forebears, but your own. We see the Publican, misaligned. It should mean fellowship and camaraderie, and a place of refuge for those in need. But it is stranded here. It means there was no refuge to be found, no place of safety and succor. The Juggler stands atop him. He is in a position of no alignment, meaning that the balance of the Fates is not held fast by any one player in the game. Yet the unaligned Juggler stands to separate this lack of refuge with a past of the Survivor. The Survivor represents someone or something thought lost forever, but found once more. With the Blood Veil surmounted you stand among thousands of dead. This is a testament to your growth. The Present is cloudy indeed. In the absolute middle stands the Queen Mother. The Formian knows all but does not reveal anything to anyone who does not show her proper worship. She is fond of the powerless and the under classes, for they serve her when the more powerful refuse. She represents the need to become part of a society, or to bow before those who know more than you. She stands between two partially misaligned futures, unknown and abstracted. The Hidden Truth symbolizes the ability to see past the obvious and the banal to a greater truth within. But in the place of Evil, the Secret is evil. The Sickness – once all consuming is now in the Present something good. It singularly places the new power of those who have Survived. They are now stronger for their travails. Which leaves us the Future. First the Misaligned Tangled Briar which represents an Old Evil finally making itself seen and known. This forces a confrontation with the forces of Good. The Mute Hag. This hag invokes blood pacts and poisonous secrets, the kind that turn brother against brother and son against father. The confrontation is going to involve strife that may rip the city asunder. To round off a grim future is the Marriage. The progeny of the salamander and water weird shows that a union might bring forth new power from both parties, or it might be a ruinous joining of that which should never have been united. Once wedded, the two cannot be parted. This is the card of permanent change.

During Zellara’s Harrowing there was but one card of this suit, granting you each 2 Harrow Points.

The Varisians know that Fate is a plan known only to the Gods, but the hearts of men determine the path and shape of its coming. You may use these Harrow points to accomplish any of the following. Remember, though, the Fates are also fickle. Any points unspent by the end of the adventure are lost.

Intelligence Rerolls: Spend a Harrow Point to reroll any
one Intelligence-based skill check. You must abide by the
new result (although if you have additional Harrow Points
remaining, you can use them to attempt additional rerolls).

Flash of Insight: Spend a Harrow Point to be able to
make a skill check in an untrained skill you don’t normally
have ranks in. You gain a one-time +5 insight bonus on
this skill check.

Arcane Wrath: Spend a Harrow Point to increase the
strength of an arcane spell as it is cast. This spell gains a +2
bonus on its save DC, a +4 bonus on its caster level check
to overcome spell resistance, and a +2 bonus on any attack
rolls needed to strike the target.

Act III - Escape from Old Korvosa

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