Curse of the Crimson Throne

A Strange Invitation

On a brisk yet clear afternoon in early Abadius (the 8th to be specific) a group of 6 men had their fates intertwined. Each from a radically different history, and each heretofore unknown to each other received an invitation most peculiar. A single card from a Harrow Deck, the divinitory tool of the native Varisians, found its way into their possession. It came not by post or currier, but by means unknown…

To the swordsman Odric the Stout the card came in his empty tankard, arriving just as he drained one draught and prepared to order more.

To the down on his luck ranger Thorgrym the card appeared as a gift from a rescued street dog.

The exotic Kelishite gungslinger, Keftan Theron , 1,800 miles and one continent from home uncovered his card within the cleaning tools of his beloved inheritance.

To the dedicated Inquisitor of Abadar, Master of the First Vault, Ferox Kerr the card appeared waiting for him at a guard station after a random encounter.

To the intrepid rogue Gaius Lirsiiv the card appeared within a rescued purse from a con undone.

To the enchanter Morkeleb, the card appeared mysteriously on his studies.

…Yet to each the cards came, and they bore the same message, revealing the thread that connected their weirds. For each had been wronged by a petty crime-lord, as corrupt and decrepid as a child’s fey-tale. That man was Gaedren Lamm. The invitation beckoned them to a non-descript address in the Midlands district.


shihanmarsh shihanmarsh

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