The Harrowing

Time doesn’t restrict Varisians as it does others. Aged and wise Varisian elders learn to predict the ways of the world and commune with spirits outside of time. Yet, for all of these skills and practices, no tradition of Varisian revelation proves more potent than harrowing. Harrowing is a Varisian method of fortune-telling, wherein past, present, and future are laid bare. Using a Harrow deck, a trained reader draws upon the knowledge of spirits beyond the mortal world.

The Harrowing involves drawing forth 9 cards which represent the past, present, and future. Once the 9 cards have been played, the Harrower deciphers the mystery of the combination laid before them.

The cards are laid in a 3×3 grid.

The leftmost column represents Law. Law is the past, it is written, it is done. The Law is rigid and unchanging. The middle column is Neutrality, the present. It is free will. The right is Chaos, the unwrritten future.

The rows represent fortune. The top row is Good, therefore positive. The middle is Neutral, therefore it is unclear and balanced between forces. The bottom is Evil, the negative.
Given this, each of the 9 cards represents not only the course of events, but the heart of a man. Top left, is Lawful and Good, a positive past. Bottom right is Chaotic and Evil, an unclear yet negative future. In the middle is the true unknown and abstracted.

The Harrowing touches the lives of everyone in Korvosa, whether they know it or not.

The Harrowing

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