Church of Abadar

AbadarThe primary god of civilization, law, and trade, Abadar is the Master of the First Vault, the eternal storehouse in which is kept a perfect incarnation of every item and creature in existence. His primary desire is to see the purifying spread of civilization, enlightening the dark corners of the world and revealing the clockwork perfection of the cosmos. His nature is not hasty, for the pace of society’s reach is slow but relentless. He is the patron of diplomats, merchants, and travelers, for it is in peace and commerce that civilization truly flowers. He is not a warmonger, though he urges his followers to fight against the forces of barbarism. He does not favor good or evil, for both have their merits in his eyes, and if unchecked both can strangle civilization. He is stern but fair, giving no cause for any to complain of injustice. Abadar (and by extension his followers) believes that civilized competition elevates humanity.


Abadarans are encouraged to refrain from war against others of their faith, but this proscription lacks teeth. More importantly, they are forbidden to accept or offer bribes or engage in public corruption, and those faithful who do so may find their tongues tied and their hands numb when they try to conduct their deals.


The colors of Abadar’s worshipers are gold and white, and they frequently carry golden keys at their belts or on golden chains around their necks. They carry crossbows with golden or jeweled inlays where appropriate, and at all times strive to maintain the appearance of prosperity.
The major Abadaran holy texts are the Order of Numbers and the Manual of City-Building, two books that seem more akin to charters or blueprints. They are usually gold-edged and sturdily built, and provide detailed descriptions of the evolution of city laws, histories of the local area, anecdotes and stories relating to particular architectural or urban planning solutions, and more.


5 Fame, variable CPA: Purchase a magical service from the following list: consecrate (1 CPA, 24 hours duration), hallow (3 CPA plus 3 CPA per level of the spell to be included in the area), heroes’ feast (4 CPA), imbue with spell ability (1 CPA).
10 Fame: Demand a minor favor from any member of the faith whose level is lower than the character’s level. Minor favors never put the member in direct danger but may entail the expenditure of up to 10 gp worth of goods or 1 week’s worth of services (including lost income due to the believer taking time off, though not an actual cash offering to the character) for a series of activities. Generally, the character can call upon only one favor at any given time; exerting this privilege more than once during any given month costs 1 CPA for each additional favor. However, at the discretion of the DM, the character could call upon many believers to perform a very similar service so long as the gp cost does not exceed the total of the favor (such as asking many craftsmen to help build a temple for a week for free). Note that the Weekly Services section of the Fame Wiki covers cost for hiring large numbers of people; if the magnitude of the favor or the number of people involved approaches the value of one of those Weekly Services, the character should pay the standard CPA cost for that service rather than trying to get it for free based on her reputation within the faction. Note that the 10 gp cost is not a “hard” value—an unskilled laborer may work for at most a week if she’s only provided food, and while that labor is only worth 7 sp, the wage is signif icant to her (whereas 10 gp represents 14 weeks of labor, and no commoner would work that long just as a favor).
10 Fame, 1+ CPA: Inspire other members of the faith with great zeal, allowing them to exceed their normal limitations. The character can affect a number of people (including himself ) equal to her character level times the number of CPA expended (so a 6th-level character spending 5 CPA can inspire 30 members of the faith). The character decides if the affected targets gain a morale bonus on attack rolls, saving throws, or skill and ability checks. The bonus is equal to the character’s Fame divided by 10 and lasts for 1 minute.
10 Fame, 3 CPA: Gain the assistance of a specialist (any NPC member of the Abadaran faith with a class level equal to half the character’s level) for 1 week. The specialist must make sense within the Faith of Abadar.
10 Fame, 10 CPA: Gain the assistance of a master specialist (any NPC with a class level equal to the PC’s level) for 1 week.
15 Fame: Spend CPA to influence, bargain with, or reward outsiders serving the character’s god (such as those called by a planar ally spell) at a superior rate. When dealing with such creatures, each CPA is treated as 500 gp instead of the standard 375 gp.
20 Fame: Purchase religion-appropriate magic armor, weapons, or other items at a 10% discount. What items constitute “religion-appropriate” varies, but make your case with each purchase.
20 Fame, 1 CPA: Gain a +6 bonus on one skill check that directly relates to Abadar’s interests (at the DM’s discretion). At 40 Fame, the bonus increases to +8, and at 60 Fame, it increases to +10.
20 Fame, 3 CPA: Gain the temporary service of an outsider (with an alignment appropriate to the god’s alignment) of up to 12 HD as if using planar ally. The character must negotiate and pay for the outsider’s service, though he can spend CPA to have his order pay the price for the service. If the character is a poor negotiator, he can pay 1 CPA to hire a charismatic advocate to argue on his behalf.
30 Fame, variable CPA: Receive the benefit of a helpful spell while acting in the deity’s interests. The cost of this divine intervention is the base CPA cost of the spell plus 15; the reward never costs an additional amount based on whether or not the character is outside an area where other members of the faith could help him. The reward is immediate and can prevent the character from dying (for example, healing before the character dies from hit point damage). This is available only once per Act in the Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign.
20 Fame, 10 CPA: Take out an insurance policy on any single item. In the event that the item is destroyed, stolen, or disjoined (if magical) the church of Abadar will replace it free of charge. The policy must be purchased before the item would trigger the replacement (i.e. no ex post facto purchases).
5 Fame, 1 CPA: Gain the title of “Teller of Abadar.” Gain a +1 divine bonus to all Appraise checks. Appraise is always a class skill for you.
20 Fame, 3 CPA, title of “Teller”: Gain the title “Banker of Abadar.” Gain a +2 divine bonus to all Sense Motive checks. Sense Motive is always a class skill for you. You also gain a +4 circumstance bonus on all Diplomacy and Intimidate checks against members of the faith.
45 Fame, 5 CPA, title of “Banker”: Gain the title of “Archbanker of Abadar.” You are always considered to take 20 on Appraise checks without increasing the length of time to use the skill. Furthermore you earn an extra 5% when exchanging gems and art objects for coin.

Church of Abadar

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