Although it stands within Citadel Crest, the Acadamae does not belong to the ward. Faculty and students of the college live within its imposing walls and outsiders may enter only when they come with a purpose, such as delivering food or performing maintenance, or during the Breaching Festival). The only people allowed to live within the Acadamae either teach at or attend the college. Instructors live in apartment suites within the walls for free, while the rent for students’ tenement flats and studios are included in their already expensive tuition. Prestigious and highly esteemed, the famed Acadamae attracts students from as far away as distant Geb, and even—to the annoyance of the far-more ancient colleges there—Cheliax. The Acadamae teaches all eight schools of magic, but its primary focus lies in conjuration. Regardless of an apprentice’s specialization (the Acadamae only teaches specialists) every student at the college must pass a grueling exam in conjuration in order to graduate. Thus, the college does not allow its students to forsake learning of conjuration. Rumors speak of those attempting to quit the school becoming test subjects for students of necromancy, but to date no one has verif ied these stories. Shrouded in secrecy, the campus’s 30-foot-high walls only barely conceal the grand Hall of Summoning. Visitors and residents cannot hope to ignore the presence of the Acadamae, but since very few people unconnected with the college know what happens within it, the place births abundant (and sometimes ludicrous) rumors.

Nearly a town unto itself, the Acadamae provides its students and faculty with everything they need to live. Thus, students of the Acadamae are rarely seen outside its imposing walls. Those who do exit do so in groups as part of their studies or to shop at the Golden Orery. On rare occasions, students sneak into one of the many taverns of the city to relieve stress, although it is far more common for them to sneak alcohol or drugs back onto campus. While most of the schools work together in relative harmony—and those that don’t frequently do not interact at all except in the most formalized ways possible—an increasing animosity between students of conjuration and necromancy have led recently to duels. These formal (and sometimes informal) challenges continue to increase in frequency and viciousness, but as of yet have not led to deaths. A great number of imps make their homes on the
Acadamae’s campus. These imps frequently take to the air, f litting about above the campus and across Korvosa. They tend to travel in groups, as the city’s pseudodragon population views them as foul representations of evil and petty sadism (which, of course, they are). Students who attend the Acadamae usually have no interest in doing good works. Generally, they seek power at almost any cost. Many become swayed by the honeyed words of the devils they summon, and most of these lose any morality they had and slip inexorably into evil.

School Mechanics

Tuition at the Acadamae includes room and board. Each semester you must pay the tuition and make an Education check DC 15 + current ranks in the test skill. Passing means +1 Fame. Failure at the Acadamae is… painful. You must make your check each semester, but it is up to you when during the semester you make it.

Entrance Fee none
Entrance Exam DC 20 Knowledge (arcana) check
Tuition 100 gp/semester
Education Checks Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (planes), Spellcraft
Semester 3 months (The first day of Abadius, Gozran, Arodus, and Lamasham)
Flunk Every time you fail an Education check at this dangerous school, you take some form of damage from a failed experiment or an uncontrolled summons run amok. Typically, this damage manifests as 1d6 points of damage per character level, but it could manifest in other ways as the GM sees fit (such as a one-on-one combat against a summoned monster, 1d6 points of ability score drain, a curse, and so on). Students can never flunk out of the Acadamae—but those who fail too many Education checks eventually vanish, die, or suffer worse fates.

Breaching Festival Assistant ( +2 Fame) Once per year, you may aid in preparing for that year’s Breaching Festival (an Acadamae tradition in which brave contestants attempt to break into the school’s infamous Hall of Wards).
Breaching Festival Survivor ( +5 or +20 Fame) If you survive the Breaching Festival, your Fame score increases by +5. If you actually win the Breaching Festival, your Fame score increases by +20.
Donate Conjuration Item ( +1 Fame) Once per semester, if you donate a magic item that radiates conjuration magic to the Acadamae, your Fame score increases by +1. The item donated must be worth at least 1,000 gp per point of Fame you currently possess.

Summoning Specialization (3 PP) Add a new creature to the list of options available to any summon monster spell you know. The new creature must be of a comparable CR to the other creatures available for that spell to summon, and you must have GM approval for the creature you add to your list.
Favorite Summons (5 PP) Pick a creature you can summon with a summon monster spell you can cast. You have learned how to summon a more powerful version of that creature. By adding powdered gemstones worth 100 gp per spell level as an additional material component when you cast this spell and summon this monster, you grant the summoned monster the advanced creature simple template.
Library Access (5 Fame): You have earned the right to research among the academy’s special collections and secure libraries. A day of research grants you a +2 circumstance bonus on any one Knowledge skill check.
Senior Student (20 Fame): You are a senior student, and may purchase potions, scrolls, and wands in Korvosa at a 10% discount.
Imp Minion (20 Fame, 5 PP) You gain an imp minion that will serve you for 10 minutes per level per day. You must cast a summon monster spell to summon your imp minion—this special casting of summon monster does not summon any other monsters when you cast it in this way, but you can choose your imp minion as a favorite summons.
Professor’s Assistant (35 Fame): You assist a professor of your choice in teaching her classes. You are now specialized in Knowledge (arcana) and Spellcraft gaining a +1 competency bonus, and can recruit a student to aid you in research when you use the academy library, which increases the circumstance bonus you gain from library access to +4.
Full Professor (50 Fame): You are hired by the academy to serve as a professor. You no longer need to pay tuition. Every time you would normally pay tuition, you instead earn that amount of gold as your salary.


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