The Kegerator

Crafted by Sandor Strongbellows, Enchanted by Morkeleb the Mighty

weapon (melee)

Odric’s favored weapon, made by Sandor Strongbellows. The first detail anyone notices is the sturdy combat scabbard. The bottom is flared out with extra metal that could easily dent a helm, the top is leather lined to keep the draw quiet, and help stop moisture from entering. The scabbard is also etched with acid a picture of a Mug and a ham hock with the words “THE STOUT” in between. This is framed in on each end with a tribal pattern. The opposite side has the same artwork, but “The Stout” is in Dwarvish. The blade sits in the scabbard solidly because of a perfectly matched pommel tongue and groove.

The falchion itself sports a counterweight is in the shape of a keg tap, and the hilt is perfect for giant meaty hands. Although it is a slashing blade, Sandor did put a blood letting groove that runs from a few inches from the hilt to where it starts to flare, and inside the groove there is more acid etched artwork that matches the scabbards. Sandors stamp is between the groove and the hilt.


The blade of this masterwork weapon was enchanted by Morkeleb the Mighty to be absurdly sharp. The “Keen” enchantment upon it makes it doubly formidable, and the edge has been soaked with blood the blood of many creatures thanks to the magical investment and its fine craftsmanship.

The Kegerator

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