Scimitar (medium weight sabre)

weapon (melee)

A beautiful, yet elegantly simple sword forged by Sandor Strongbellows for his comrade Thorgrym.

It is a masterwork blade forged of mithril. The blade is for the most part single edged, it has a short four inch back edge. It is lightly curved, good for shearing cuts yet still easy to thrust with. The bloodletting groove is perfect. One side of the blade has the ocean and a shark. The other side of the blade is that of a deer with a mountain. The pictures are simple and stylized. Up near the hilt on one side of the blade is the word “Svord”, on the reverse side is Sandor’s unique craftsman signature mark.
The hilt is a simple cross piece also forged of the beautiful light weight mithril. Yet on closer inspection its simple and elegant curves look similar to Sarenrae’s holy symbol. The one handed grip is wrapped in sharkskin, from the very shark that Grym slew in single combat armed only with a dagger. The pommel, when viewed closely is reminiscent of a snarling pitbull dog.
Even the scabbard is incredibly well made by Sandor. The dark dyed leather is patterned so that it helps to break up the weapons shape. The blade fits into the fur lined sheath so well that there is no tell tale rattling when the ranger needs to move quietly.

Thorgrym has been a fencer and sword fighter for some time. He has never seen a blade more perfectly matched for himself.


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