Odric's Coat of Arms

Odric the Stout's Coat of Arms


Odric coat of arms!

On a Gules field representing status as a warrior, an Azure chevron indicates great strength. In the upper left, a rampant eagle, sinister. It represents the Weapon of War with which Odric began his career, depicted Proper as an apex predator, the Eagle indicates a person of strength and high-spirited bravery, and true magnanimity and strength of mind. With wings displayed, it signifies protection of Korvosa and his companions. Below the chevron a Proper keg, indicating his profession, his great strength and stout nature, as well as his ability to overcome obstacles and the Beer Barrel Befuzzlement. The insignia of the Guard of Korvosa surmounts the field, signifying Odric’s official status as a Commissioned Initiate of the Korvosan Guard.


Odric commissioned this Coat of Arms of an up-and-coming herald (coincidentally named Harold) who was dying of the Blood Veil until Odric and his companions saved him. Subsequently, the men became friends, and Harold in thanks for his saved life and the opportunity to design a coat of arms for the hero Odric the Stout, decided he would act as Odric’s herald free of charge. The arrangement works well, as Harold is able to make contacts in the city as a herald, build his business of designing and reproducing high-quality coats of arms, and he gets free samples of Odric’s mighty brews.

He promised Odric that as his career continues and his exploits increase, the Coat of Arms will continue to evolve.

Odric's Coat of Arms

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