Zellara's Harrow Deck

Well-used Harrow deck


Aids in Identifying magic items
Deck can perceive surroundings, and communicates empathically
Zellara may manifest once per day


This deck belonged to Zellara the fortune teller. It had been in her family for many generations. Zellara and her son were murdered by Gaedran Lamm, but the seer’s spirit remained tied to the deck, which Lamm’s henchmen had stolen. Zellara’s spirit sought out adventurers to avenge the deaths, and return the Deck; she thought the Deck’s being brought back to her home would free her spirit. She was mistaken, though, and now what remains of her psyche is tied to her family’s Harrow Deck. She has freely offered herself to aid the group, describing her powers to them. She has also alluded to strange goings-on in Korvosa, stating that answers can be found with the Crimson Throne—but not ellaborating further.

Morkeleb the Enchanter currently carries the item.

Zellara's Harrow Deck

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