Jolistina Susperio

An unhinged forlorn.


Jolistina Susperio is a sick-minded forsaken elf. The pesh-addicted, self-destructive elf —terribly immature for her near-180-year age— had fawned over the necromancer ever since he half-threatened, half-promised to turn her into a zombie one day.

Rolth packed her off to Carowyn Manor with tender promises, a few raise dead scrolls and a list of people to kill. She did so gladly and spent several days entertaining herself until her party was interrupted.

The heroes came in looking for a Varisian bard named Ruan and found her macabre set up. After a long and violent chase of a combat they subdued her. It took a charm spell from Morkeleb to make her talk. It was by this the party learned of Rolth’s continued involvement.

Jolistina Susperio

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